Sep 292017

Download PointWise 18.0 R4 build 2017-09-25 x64 full license

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Working with PointWise 18.0 R4 full license forever
Working with PointWise 18.0 R4 full license forever

Description: Pointwise powerful software in the field of three-dimensional modeling and computational fluid dynamics are. Pointwise can be networked using tissue easily and accurately produce. This software can speed up the flow of air to draw three-dimensional models. This program is a powerful and reliable in the field of computational fluid dynamics and mesh generation (high-speed air flow) in three-dimensional models. Quality can schedule appears that flows in complex geometries with high viscosity solve. This software is the best tool to achieve the desired result puts at your disposal (The high level of automation and control software). Technology context of structured networks (quad / hex) and to the combined T-Rex Technology (prism / tet) in the program can quickly produce complex shapes to automate the flow of air. Using proprietary software kernel in the field of geometry, this allows you to format the standard CAD software to enter and represent geometric and dimensional analytical work. After completion of the project work can also standardized format and rights CFD extract OpenSource border.
The application features Pointwise:
Modeling and manufacturing solid and dry air flows
Support Software CATIA, Solidworks, etc.
High tolerance for dealing with fault currents
Glyph proprietary scripting language for sample macros and templates
Working with multi-faceted geometry
Geometric Modeling fillet, planes, lines, curves set off, cones and circle
And echo sound waves to produce three-dimensional models
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