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Aug 292020
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Download FlowVision 2.5.04 win32 win64 full license 100% working

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FlowVision 2.5.04 x86 x64 full

FlowVision 2.5.04 x86 x64 full

Interface language: English + Russian
Description: The software package FlowVision is designed to simulate three-dimensional flows of liquid and gas in technical and natural objects, as well as visualize these flows using computer graphics methods.
Simulated flows include stationary and unsteady, compressible, weakly compressible and incompressible flows of liquid and gas. The use of various turbulence models and an adaptive computational grid makes it possible to simulate complex fluid movements, including flows with strong swirling, combustion, and flows with a free surface.
Technical characteristics of the software package FlowVision
Application areas of the FlowVision program:
• External aero – hydrodynamics: flow around a car, ship, aircraft, missile, buildings and structures (determination of drag and lift coefficients, distributed load, heat and mass transfer)
• Internal aero-hydrodynamics: flow in the car and in the engine compartment, ventilation of internal compartments, movement of gases and liquids along highways and pipelines
• Modeling of turbomachines: flow in turbines, compressors, pumps, taking into account the effect of propellers on the flow around the ship
• Simulation of combustion processes: combustion of methane in CHP boilers, formation of nitrogen oxides
• Modeling of technological processes: modeling heat transfer in microelectronic circuits, calculating the flow-pressure characteristics of an ejector pump, water shut-off devices, calculating mixers and gas mixers, joint heat transfer between liquid and solids
• Modeling of parts manufacturing processes: metal casting, calculation of solidification and crystallization processes
• Ecology, microclimate management: the spread of pollutants and impurities in the atmosphere and water, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
User interface:
· Import of geometry created in various CAD systems and saved in VRML, STL, DEFORM, ABAQUS, ANSYS or NASTRAN formats (VDAFS, IGES, PARASOLID via Flow3DVision module).
· Interactive setting of boundary conditions on surfaces.
Computational grid:
· Automatic mesh generation.
· Rectangular mesh with subgrid geometry resolution.
· Local mesh refinement.
· Adaptation of the mesh along the boundary of the computational domain and by solution.
Modeling capabilities:
· 3D stationary / unsteady compressible / weakly compressible / incompressible fluid flows.
· Laminar or turbulent flows.
· K-e – similar turbulence models.
· Transfer of scalars and their fluctuations.
· Free surfaces.
· Combustion of premixed / unmixed gas mixtures.
· Conjugate heat and mass transfer.
Wall boundary conditions:
· Slippage / Sticking.
· Power and logarithmic laws for turbulent flows.
· Adiabatic / isothermal / heat flow / heat exchange / conjugate heat exchange.
· Time dependent boundary conditions.
· Periodic and conjugate boundary conditions.
· Sliding mesh.
Solution method:
· Finite-volume method.
· Explicit and implicit methods.
· Implicit splitting algorithm for solving the Navier-Stokes equation.
· Scheme for calculating transfer equations of increased accuracy.
Solving systems of linear algebraic equations by methods:
· Conjugate gradient using incomplete Cholesky decomposition.
· Modified method of pointwise upper relaxation.
· Vectors on a plane or surface.
· Isolines or shading on a plane or surface.
· Cut-off or translucent surfaces.
· Animation of movement of markers.
· Integration of parameters of fluid flow over the section and over the surface.
· Local characteristics.
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