Mar 142017

download Geomagic® Design™ Direct 2014 64bit full license forever

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Geomagic Design Direct 2014 64bit full
Geomagic Design Direct 2014 64bit full
Design with Geomagic Design Direct 2014 64bit full license forever
Design with Geomagic Design Direct 2014 64bit full license forever

Geomagic® Design™ Direct (formerly Geomagic Spark®), the only 3D application of its kind, seamlessly combines live scan data processing, CAD design, robust 3D point and mesh editing, assembly construction, and 2D drawing creation in one complete package.
Geomagic Design Direct features the industry’s most powerful scan data processing and editing tools inside of a native, comprehensive direct modeling CAD package. This combination of industry-leading CAD functionality and 3D scanning ushers in a new scan-in-CAD design paradigm that can ultimately refine product development windows, catalyze process efficiency, facilitate collaboration and bring products to market faster.
Geomagic has created Geomagic Design Direct – which is built upon an industry-leading CAD API by SpaceClaim® – for CAD experts and non-CAD users alike. Using direct modeling tools, Geomagic Design Direct’s intuitive controls and gentle learning curve empower everyone to be a productive CAD designer. Users can scan or import point clouds directly into the application and use the dynamic push/pull toolset to quickly create and edit solid models. Without a complex history tree holding them back, users are also free to alter designs on the fly and change parameters without constraints. Geomagic Design Direct is customizable via an array of third-party add-ins, and it integrates easily with all major external CAD packages.
Scan and probe directly into a CAD application; import point clouds, meshes and CAD formats
High-functioning point cloud and mesh editing tools
Quickly produce complete 3D models from incomplete scan data
Intuitive push/pull functionality; no complicated history tree
Easy to learn
Create and edit large assemblies
Quickly create annotated 2D technical drawing and 3D dimensions
Interoperable with a range of CAD and PLM tools
Supports neutral file formats, including IGES, STEP, OBJ, ACIS and PDF, with interoperability tools direct to other CAD platforms
Compatible with a collection of powerful third-party add-ins for SpaceClaim, e.g., photorealistic visualization, PDM, analysis and CAM
Free TraceParts library access to over 100 million standard CAD models from leading parts manufacturers
Geomagic Design Direct, with its user-friendly interface and intuitive direct modeling tools, allows engineers in a variety of industries to prepare full assemblies, design concepts and alter designs without having to be a CAD expert.
Concept Modeling
Using scans of physical data in a CAD environment, industrial designers and consumer product designers use Geomagic Design Direct to easily create a multitude of concepts for client approval.
Geomagic Design Direct allows manufacturing engineers and designers at differing levels of CAD proficiency to scan an existing or first-article part, quickly alter the design, clean corrupted geometry, adjust dimensions, create new 2D drawings, and more. With Geomagic Design Direct manufacturing companies can more quickly solve manufacturing problems and ensure a shorter manufacturing window.
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