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Feb 212017
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download Autodesk Maya 2016 training videos course

Learning Autodesk Maya 2016 basic to advance by videos

Learning Autodesk Maya 2016 by videos
Learning Autodesk Maya 2016 by videos
Autodesk Maya 2016 training videos course
Autodesk Maya 2016 training videos course

This Learning Autodesk Maya 2016 tutorial, expert and author Todd Palamar teach you the basic fundamentals of Autodesk Maya. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, this means no previous experience with Autodesk Maya is not required. You will begin to visit Maya interface, and then go to study units and conversions. From there, Todd will teach you about polygon modeling, including how to choose a training ground components, extruding faces, and how to squeeze out along the curve. This video tutorial also covers texturing, rigging and weighting, and animation. Finally, you will learn about rendering with Mental Ray. Once you have completed this computer-based training course, you will be fully capable of modeling, texturing, animating and rendering in Autodesk Maya. Work files are included, so you can follow along with the author during many lessons.
01. Introduction
02. The Maya Interface
03. Nodes And Transformations
04. Polygon Modeling
05. Texturing
06. Rigging and Weighting
07. Animation
08. Rendering With Mental Ray
09. Conclusion

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