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Jun 232020
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Download CADprofi 2020.05 Build 200402 Multilanguage x86 x64 full license

Link download CADprofi 2020.05 Build 200402 win32 win64 full cracked

Working with CADprofi 2020.05 Build 200402 full license

Working with CADprofi 2020.05 Build 200402 full license

Description: CADprofi is software that, in the form of a powerful plugin, adds a lot of functionality to the popular CAD software. The program helps users to easily design architectural, mechanical and plumbing and electrical projects. CADprofi includes four Mechanical, Architectural, HVAC & Piping and Electrical modules that users can enter a wide range of powerful features, commands and libraries into their desired CAD environment at a low cost.
This software includes a wide range of practical and standard symbols in the fields of mechanics, architecture, plumbing and electrical installations. These symbols are provided to users in the form of several dozen different libraries, and the ability to automatically enter and specify their features is only part of the benefits of this program. In addition, CADprofi users will have a range of libraries from leading manufacturers of electrical boards, lighting protection systems, equipment and equipment for pipes / pumps / tanks and یا or components of plumbing and… installations that can be used in their projects and Benefit from it.
The program has tens of thousands of users around the world, and this could be a reason for the sensitivity of the company that produces this program on the high compatibility of the software with other CAD products. The manufacturer is constantly increasing the compatibility of this program with CAD products, so that CADprofi currently supports most software including AutoCAD, ARES Commander, BricsCAD GstarCAD, progeCAD, ZWCAD, IntelliCAD and many other programs.
The designs drawn in this program are fully compatible with DWG and DXF formats and can be easily edited in other CAD programs without dependence. Ultimately, the program is available in most languages ​​due to its international goals, including Unicode-based languages ​​such as English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Korean, French, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, and so on. Supports that it can be easily changed in the program settings.
Software list of this collection:
– CADprofi Mechanical
– CADprofi Architectural
– CADprofi HVAC & Piping
– Electrical CADprofi
Supported software:
AutoCAD 2000 or higher (32 / 64bit)
AutoCAD LT 2000 or higher *) (32 / 64bit)
AutoCAD Architecture 2000 or higher
AutoCAD MEP 2008 or higher
AutoCAD Mechanical 2000 or higher
BricsCAD V4.0 or higher
ZWCAD 2008i – 2012
ZWCAD + Professional **)
progeCAD 2008 or higher
CADopia 8 or higher
StarICAD 2008
GstarCAD 2010 or higher
ArCADia IntelliCAD (7.2)
CMS IntelliCAD (7.2)
Arcadia 2009 SE / Arcadia 7
IntelliPlus 8 or higher
JetCAD 2012 or higher
ARES Commander Edition
CADian 2012, 2014
FineELEC 11
Other programs on request
*) only with optional LTX by Manusoft
**) CADprofi works only with the Professional version. ZWCAD + Standard is not supported by CADprofi.
CADprofi System Requirements
CADprofi software is available for:

AutoCAD 2000 – 2017 (32 / 64bit)
AutoCAD LT 2000 – 2017 *) (32 / 64bit)
AutoCAD Architecture 2000 – 2017
AutoCAD MEP 2008 – 2017
AutoCAD Mechanical 2000 – 2017
BricsCAD V4 – V16
ZWCAD 2008i – 2012, ZWCAD + **, ZWCAD Classic
4M CAD V14
progeCAD 2008 – 2016
CADopia 8
StarICAD 2008
GstarCAD 2010 – 2016
ArCADia IntelliCAD 5, 6, 2009 SE, 7.2
CMS IntelliCAD (7.2)
IntelliCAD 5, 6, 7.2
IntelliPlus 8, 2013 – 2014
JetCAD 2012
ARES Commander Edition 2012 – 2016
CADian 2012 – 2014
FineELEC 11
CADMATE 2015 – 2016
AviCAD 2014 – 2016
CorelCAD 2013
Other programs on request
*) only with optional LTX by Manusoft
**) CADprofi works only with the Professional version. ZWCAD + Standard is not supported by CADprofi.
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