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May 032017
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DEFORM-2D finite element simulation system designed for analysis of two-dimensional (2D) metal behavior in various processes of pressure treatment. DEFORM-2D provides important information about the flow of material in the die and the distribution of temperatures during deformation processes. DEFORM-2D is used by the world’s leading companies to simulate processes such as forging, stamping, pressing, drawing, dropping and many other processes of metal forming.
DEFORM-2D uses the latest achievements in the field of modeling of technological processes. A powerful solver of the DEFORM-2D module is able to analyze complex interactions of several deformable objects with different properties for various processes of metal forming. This makes it possible to accurately and realistically model the processes of metal deformation under production conditions.
The intelligent grid generator is able to automatically construct and optimize the finite element mesh, reconstructing it if necessary during the calculation: the grid generator uses the intermediate calculation results and builds a more dense mesh in areas where high accuracy of the solution is required. In addition, the user is able to independently adjust the density of the grid, the distribution of its elements along the section and the parameters of its automatic rebuilding.
DEFORM-2D has a simple and convenient Russified Windows interface, which does not require a long study. Special templates make it easy for beginners to work with the system and help to quickly set simple processes and run them on the account.
DEFORM-2D allows you to solve the problems of deformation, heat transfer, as well as separation operations, such as cutting and punching. In addition, it is possible to connect the module DEFORM-HT, which allows you to simulate the entire process chain, starting with the separation blanking operations, the heating operation of the workpiece, the forming operations and finishing operations of the final heat treatment.
The main changes in the new version of DEFORM-2D in comparison with the previous one are:
– New tools for measuring the geometric dimensions of objects.
– Ability to input window density of finite element mesh and friction windows bounded by a circle.
– Ability to compensate for the volume of the workpiece lost in the automatic rebuilding of the finite element grid.
– Updating the entire library of materials. Adding an elastic zone to the hardening curve.
– Expanding the capabilities of modeling the separation operations.
– Improvement of creep modeling tools. The creep rate can now be specified as a function of temperature, stress and strain, or as a function of temperature, voltage and time.
– The ability to account for mass and centrifugal forces in harvesting.
– Efficiency of the hammer can now be set by the function of the force acting on it from the side of the workpiece.
– Added several new models of friction.
– Added the ability to export data from the postprocessor to avi and wmv.
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