Mar 142017

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Working with Next Limit xFlow 2016.1.0.98 Win64 full
Working with Next Limit xFlow 2016.1.0.98 Win64 full

XFlow is a powerful innovative Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology that uses a patented and particle-based Lagrangian approach to solve the traditionally complex problems of fluid dynamics at all stages of designing and debugging future products.
XFlow is designed for modeling the flow of gases, liquids and solving heat and mass transfer problems.
When solving a similar class of problems, XFlow allows simultaneously to take into account the kinematics and dynamics of the structure, the physics of multiphase flows, subsonic and supersonic phenomena, acoustics and the interaction of the structure with the liquid.
Designed specifically for engineers and engineers who usually require a fast and accurate solution for complex flow behavior, XFlow allows for complex numerical simulation in a simple and understandable manner, eliminates the need for a large number of algorithmic parameters and the traditionally time-consuming process of constructing gas-dynamic grids on complex geometry.
CFD technology, laid out in XFlow, demonstrates the possibility of complex flow behavior modeling taking into account the real environment and the possibility of significantly reducing financial and time costs, thereby offering a real alternative to carrying out a lot of expensive experiments.
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