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Feb 202021
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Download NUMECA FINE/Open 10.1 Win/Linux x64 full license forever

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Working with NUMECA FINE-Open 10.1 full license

Working with NUMECA FINE-Open 10.1 full license

Interface language: English
System requirements: Win / Linux 64-bit

Description: The FINE ™ / Open program is a general-purpose computational CAE software package for solving CFD problems of hydrodynamics, gas dynamics, aerodynamics (numerical modeling of complex internal and external flows).
FINE ™ / Open complex structure:
HEXPRESS: automatic grid generator for generating hexahedral grids;
HEXPRESS / Hybrid: the latest advanced hexadominant mesh generator;
HEXSTREAM: 3D Reynolds Equation Solver;
CFView: tool for visualizing and analyzing solution results;
OpenLabs: module for adding your own models;
FINE GUI: Interactive graphical user interface.
The main advantages of FINE ™ / Open:
automatic generation of high quality structured and unstructured meshes;
a wide range of physical and turbulence models;
fast convergence of the solution due to the original multigrid scheme;
the use of adaptation technology (crushing / enlarging) of meshes in the solution process;
high quality of results due to the use of stable sampling schemes of increased accuracy;
fast and convenient visualization of the solution.
HEXPRESS ™ is a unique innovative mesh generator that automatically generates high quality hexahedral meshes for complex geometric objects: aircraft fuselage, suspension elements, landing gear, internal and external geometry of aircraft engines, internal channels of cooled turbine blades, air intakes, etc. The use of this tool reduces time of preparation of the problem for calculation and simplifies the work of the engineer due to the automatic generation of high-quality hexahedral meshes with an explicit resolution of the viscous boundary layer.
Main advantages:
the ability to directly import CAD geometries;
eliminates the need to build a mesh on the surface, allowing you to automatically complete the mesh from volume to surface;
wizard function: simple and fast meshing;
automatic thickening of the mesh based on user settings, or by setting the area of ​​thickening;
batch processing mode;
powerful optimization algorithm, mesh smoothing.
OpenLabs is a powerful module that extends the standard FINE ™ / Open capabilities. OpenLabs allows you to add new physical models and modify existing ones at the user’s request. This does not require programming skills, which saves a lot of time.
With OpenLabs, you can:
modify or add constants to the model
add transport equations (convection, diffusion, sources)
make changes to the original solution, boundary conditions
introduce the source term into the transport equations
change diffusion coefficients into transport equations, solve conservative or non-conservative, user-defined transport equations.
Areas of use:
PC FINE ™ / Open is used to solve a wide range of practical problems of numerical modeling of fluid dynamics in the fields of aircraft construction, space, turbomachinery, medicine, automotive, civil engineering, etc.
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