May 232017

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information of PCSCHEMATIC Automation v17.06 full
information of PCSCHEMATIC Automation v17.06 full
Working with PCSCHEMATIC Automation v17.06 full license
Working with PCSCHEMATIC Automation v17.06 full license

Description: The basic concept, which was originally built into PC | SCHEMATIC Automation by the system developer, is the maximum release of a specialist from all routine operations when creating documentation to concentrate on purely electrical aspects of design.
In addition to the basic capabilities of the system, there is a wide range of specialized automation functions for electrical design. Among them you can note: automatic updating of signal and cross references, automation of functions with PLC, automation of conductor lines placement (Rowing), support of rules for creation of assembly and single-line electrical circuits, control function of design errors, control of conductors in cables, automatic exchange of symbols on electrical circuits, Automated numbering of conductors, generation of plans for terminal and cable connections and automatic updating of information in lists and lists of the project, as well as Data of the project and its pages.
Thanks to the interface of the Windows environment, the development of the functions of the system and its capabilities occurs in a short time.
The file of the created project can contain an unlimited number of pages, on each of them up to 255 layers. It is possible to work in different levels (heights), as well as generating isometrics of planned fours.
The program has been updated to version 17.06.08. Old versions in the distribution remained, added a folder with a new version and a medicine.
Updated CDM and DB (May 2016 version). The old symbols and the database remained in the distribution, we look at the name of the database file when installing
Installation procedure:
Install the program by running the PCSCHEMATIC_Automation40_UK17.exe installer. It is highly desirable in order to avoid further problems not to install into the Program Files folder.
To update, run the installer of the corresponding version. Updates are cumulative, you do not need to install all previous versions. If only you know for sure that you need a specific version.
Optimal – to the root of the C: drive, the program will create the PCSEL40 folder inside the folder that was specified to the installer.
Install the database update by running the appropriate file from the database folder. Installs carefully in the same folder as the program. We look carefully into which folder the database updates are installed, in the penultimate step the program will show which folders will unpack the components. It is necessary that they coincide with the folders from the first step.
We choose the version of characters and the database ourselves, new symbols can be incompatible with already created projects with old symbols. Or most to compare on files or to think …
For those who are thinking: the symbol installer is an ordinary SFX archive, and .PSZ files are zip archives. You can parse the installer and look at the new characters yourself, or make another folder for new characters, there are options …
Copy files from the folder with the medicine to the folder with the program, agree to overwrite the files
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