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Aug 262017
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download Siemens Insight 5.1 SP2 x86 x64 full license forever

link download Siemens Insight 5.1 SP2 win32 win64 full crack

Siemens Insight 5.1 SP2 x86 x64 full license
Siemens Insight 5.1 SP2 x86 x64 full license
Working with Siemens Insight 5.1 SP2 full crack
Working with Siemens Insight 5.1 SP2 full crack

Description: The SIEMENS DESIGO INSIGHT control station is a high-performance and user-friendly interface for monitoring the entire system. Access to data and the receipt of alarm messages can be configured according to the degree of responsibility of the user. DESIGO WEB and DESIGO Terminal Service provide access to the management layer via the global network. SIEMENS PX-WEB uses Internet technology to access data in the system to the automation level from a standard WEB browser.
Structured, modular, object-oriented software DESIGO INSIGHT is based on standard Windows technology. Functional scale and ease of use reduces operational costs and time of familiarization with the system and simultaneously provides a high level of reliability.
Extras. Information: Graphics (Plant Viewer): Graphical display of systems for fast orientation and access during operation.
Schedule (Time Scheduler): Centralized programming of monitoring the performance of systems in time.
Alarm Viewer: overview of alarms for localization and troubleshooting.
Router (Alarm Router): routing alarm messages to printers, faxes, via SMS and E-mail.
Trend Viewer: View and analyze trend data for customization and optimization.
Report Viewer: Generates reports according to predefined forms with output of results to the printer or to an external application for analysis and organization of workflow.
Object Catalog (Object Viewer) is an effective tool for navigating the system structure with access to all data points. Data can be viewed or changed depending on the user’s rights.
Log Viewer: A tool for viewing alarms, errors and user actions logged in the log in chronological order.
Database Audit Viewer: Registers unauthorized changes to databases (trace monitoring), ensuring data integrity.
Reaction Processor: By monitoring the entire system and processes according to certain criteria (events), initializes the corresponding predefined responses. This function allows, for example, to perform centralized temporary monitoring of the installation without the functions of schedules / calendars.
System Configurator: Used to configure the general settings of the DESIGO INSIGHT automation station and related applications.
Graphics Builder Creates and changes graphic mnemonics.
Open drivers: BACnet, OPC, ModBus. For direct integration of various third-party systems into the automation station.
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