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Vero WorkNC 23.02B x86+x64
Vero WorkNC 23.02B x86 x64
Working with Vero WorkNC 23.02B x86+x64 full license
Working with Vero WorkNC 23.02B x86x64 full license

Description: WorkNC is a productive CAM-solution for metalworking in a variety of axes (from 2D to 5), suitable for the most demanding industries, such as aeronavigation, automotive and tooling.
A huge number of Western, Japanese and Korean automakers and equipment manufacturers use exactly WorkNC.
Installation’s instruction
1. Install WorkNC, don’t start a license server (at “License Setup” window press “Cancel”);
2. Copy “wncserve.exe” from “..MAGNiTUDE” folder to the License Server directory (by default “C:WorkNC-LicenseServerexemsw”) and replace original one;
3. Put “wnccodes.dat” from “..MAGNiTUDE” folder to the License Server directory (by default “C:WorkNC-LicenseServerclientinstsite”);
4. Run “WorkNC-LicenseServer” -> “License Setup (Server)”, press “Run License Setup”, when server is started press “Accept”;
5. Run WorkNC.
That’s all, enjoy!
CAD Integration and Analysis
– Standard format converters IGES, DXF, STL
– Direct reading of files: UGS®, Catia® V.4 / V.5, V.6 Parasolid®, etc.
– Analysis of plastic casting
– Surface 3D modeling
– Innovative surface transformation for simulating the filling of simple and complex matrices
– Automatic recognition of 2D forms for drilling, boring, hole expansion, thread milling, etc.
– Automatic matrix and die separation
CAM programming capabilities
– Automatic recognition and management of zones of geometry and processing
– Specific material flow trajectories and stamping sequences for high-speed machining
– Display of allowances in the form of blocks or CAD and STL files
– Dynamic management of allowances for 3 and 3 + 2 axes with correction of the trajectory of processing in real time
– Full collision test with tool and mandrels with automatic updating of the allowance state
– Powerful path processing editor
– Virtual 3D simulation of machine operation and processing with dynamic editing of points and directions
– Extensive library of tools and mandrels with the ability to control components
– Automatic creation of production documentation in HTML format
– User-configurable automated processing sequences
– Processing based on STL files and point clouds
– Counting data in batch mode
– Generator of postprocessors (non-uniform rational B-splines, cycles, circular interpolation, etc.).
– Trajectories of roughing and after-processing optimized for high-speed equipment
– Specific trajectories of the trochoidal, spiral or vertical path of the instrument
– Rough machining trajectories with automatic collision avoidance with tool and mandrels with automatic overhaul updating
– Automatic calculation and processing of the remaining surfaces based on dynamic information about the allowance
– Wide range of finishing paths optimized for high-speed equipment
– Z-axis machining, planar finishing, flat surface machining, surface grinding, contour machining, edge processing
– 3D display of the remaining places for machining and allowances
– Possibility of automatic conversion of trajectories into 5-axis
– Trajectories for after-processing for re-passing the allowance with a tool of decreasing diameter
2- and 2.5-axis machining
– 2 and 2.5 axis processing strategies
– Milling of grooves, contour processing, processing by a curve, engraving, processing of edges, ends, drilling, thread milling
– Automatic drilling module
– Automatic shape recognition, selection of predefined drilling sequences, automatic generation of drilling operations, drilling control of deep and intersecting holes
– A specially adapted postprocessor
Automatic and parallel 5-axis trajectories
– Auto 5 – automatic conversion of 3-axis trajectory to 5-axis
– A number of parallel 4-axis and 5-axis trajectories
– 5-axis rotary, planar machining, processing of blades, blanks, tubes, laser processing
– Controlling equipment limitations and preventing collisions
Preparing the geometry
– Unlimited size and number of surfaces
– Recognition of unprocessed surfaces and allowances
– Work with curved and triangular surfaces
– Work with intermittent elements
– Working with superimposed surfaces
– Binding of all surface elements
– Prevent collisions at all edges and corners of surfaces
Batch processing
Most CAM packages occupy the entire user interface for one particular task. Flexibility WorkNC allows you to perform several tasks in parallel.
Preventing collisions with tools and mandrels
In WorkNC, you can dynamically create a library of mandrels and tools. To check for a collision, the mandrels and tools introduced into it are used.
When you select a mandrel, WorkNC prompts for the required length of the tool. If the length of the tool is known, you can enter it and let WorkNC automatically divide the machining paths into logical segments for an available tool.
The tool path is automatically adjusted to prevent collisions of mandrels with the workpiece, including the use of a shorter tool. Additional trajectories can be processed with a longer tool.
Tool Library
In WorkNC, you can create a library of your own tools and tools from vendor catalogs. Such libraries allow you to create new records about the instrument and manage existing ones.
With each of the tools available in the library, you can link a large number of different parameters. The user can more efficiently use the working time, automatically loading them into the current processing path after selecting a particular tool.
Processing Sequences
Standardization of the processes is carried out using the WorkNC function “Standard processing sequences.” WorkNC stores the records of the developed processing trajectories, collision tests with mandrels, assignable tolerances, the selected tool, etc. for further use in similar operations.
Trackset settings sheets
For each task, WorkNC automatically generates data files and transaction logs that can be customized to meet the user’s requirements.
STL files
WorkNC recognizes stereolithography in binary format, ASCII and STL formats. STL files are often used for rapid prototyping. The WorkNC complex also edits STL to select the optimal cutting mode. All WorkNC processing path types are suitable for processing scanned data, including mechanical data.
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