May 252017

download Altium Designer Summer x86 full license

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working with Altium Designer Summer 7.1 full license
working with Altium Designer Summer 7.1 full license

System requirements:
• Windows 32bit (can install to win64 to program files (x86))
• 2 GHz Pentium 4 processor or equivalent
• 1 GB of RAM
• 2 GB of hard disk space (For installation and user files)
• Two 1280×1024 monitors with resolution (optional, just controls the work, and the program under it is sharpened well)
• 32-bit color, 64 MB RAM video card
• Parallel port (also optional, for Nanoboard required)
Altium Designer Summer 08 – a comprehensive system for designing high-speed
Electronic devices based on printed circuit boards, which allows the developer to create projects, starting with the circuit diagram and VHDL-description of FPGA, to simulate received circuits and VHDL codes, to prepare files for production, and the concept of Live Design, the so-called live design, Its debugging on the NanoBoard. Monitoring the integrity of the project allows you to track changes in parts of the project and synchronize them. Using the NanoBoard debugging board it is possible to debug FPGA projects at the stage of concept creation.
Description of new features
Australian company Altium Limited has announced the release of a new version of the complex system for designing electronic devices at the level of printed circuit boards and FPGA Altium Designer Summer 08 (formerly Protel DXP 2004).
According to the decision of the developers of the program Altium Designer, starting from 2008, product updates will be made every six months. The first release, released this year, is called “Altium Designer Summer 08”. Compared with previous updates, where the main focus was on improving existing capabilities and refinement, the new version added a few completely new options.
Most of the changes relate to the convenience of working with projects. For example, the Design Insight option provides a link display, i.e. When you hover the cursor over the document name in the project structure, a window with a thumbnail image of the selected sheet is displayed. Similarly, when you hover the cursor on the schema port, all of the response ports are displayed. The system of parallel work on the network with the help of the Version Control System (VCS) has been improved, and the system of complex release of documentation has been debugged.
Miniature viewing of project documents The main changes concern the editor of printed circuit boards, which include a customized integrity check of polygons, improved interactive tracing, work with three-dimensional models of components and nodes of radio electronic devices (REM).
Of the additions that significantly expand the functionality of the program, it is worth noting the import of files from the program Allegro PCB in * .brd, and * .alg, as well as a significant improvement in interactive tracing. In the interactive tracing mode, the following technologies are used: Push and Shove – allows pushing existing routes and vias, Walkaround – traces as close as possible to existing ones, Hugging – compacts the existing topology with a newly laid track.
Pushing out the vias for tracing All interactive tracing modes now apply to both the differential pair tracing and the bus trace. In the tracing mode of differential pairs, it is possible to install the vias.
The orientation of the last releases of Altium Designer to MCAD and STEP format was expressed in the possibility of parallel work in ECAD-MCAD. This feature is fundamentally new for programs of this class and purpose. In Altium Designer Summer 08, you can open a ready-made RGU node with one or more cards installed in it and further develop the board taking into account its interface with mechanical parts and other boards. Changes made to one of the cells of the boards or mechanical parts can be instantly transferred back to MCAD.
In the new release:
– fixed errors in ADVPCB.dll
– Autoroute correctly finishes work
– Improved synchronization between PCB and Shematic
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