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Download ANSYS SCADE 2021 R2 Win64 full license forever

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Working with ANSYS SCADE 2021 R2 Win64 full license

Working with ANSYS SCADE 2021 R2 Win64 full license

Descriptions: Ansys SCADE is a model-driven development toolkit for security-critical embedded software.
By using dedicated software tools and certified code generators, system engineers and developers can avoid coding errors and adhere to stringent certification standards.
Ansys SCADE tools are widely used in all industries – from the design of an aircraft control system or a nuclear power plant control panel to the creation of a car HMI.
Ansys SCADE modules
Ansys SCADE Architect
Integrated design environment for systems with high requirements for reliability and safety with support of processes, industrial standards ARP 4754A, ISO 26262 and EN 50126
Key features of Ansys SCADE Architect:
– Analysis of system requirements
– Advanced Modeler editor for system requirements analysis, functional design, architecture design and system components
– Analysis of systems using diagrams: use cases, sequences, activities, states, functional blocks,
indoor units and parametric diagrams
– Definition and import / export of data streams
– Tabular way of describing data objects, the ability to customize the format of tables
– Support for all standard graphics functions and chart style management for component rendering
– Navigation and search by model
– Collaboration support
– Checking the compliance of the model with the specified modeling rules
– Create reports in RTF or HTML
– Split and merge models, compare different versions of models
– Automatic creation of interface control documentation (ICD)
– Bidirectional synchronization between system architecture models and project models
– Configuring systems design environment according to industry standards and custom rules
– Export items and requirements to Ansys Twin Builder
– Additional Design Pattern Packages for Automotive and Avionics and FACE Standards
Ansys SCADE Display
Solution for the development of embedded graphics, displays and human-machine interfaces, as well as certified code generation for safety-critical systems.
A universal graphical design environment for displays and human-machine interfaces (HMI), with the ability to generate certified code for safety-critical systems.
Key features of Ansys SCADE Display:
– Logical design of human-machine interface
– Management of fonts, textures, transparency
– Widget Libraries
– Using third-party 2D-3D graphics created with OpenGL
– Preliminary prototyping and testing by white and black box methods
– Automatic generation of certified code to eliminate coding errors
– Connecting software lifecycle management tools
– Requirements traceability
– Simulation of graphical specifications in step-by-step or continuous mode
– Ability to download, play and record scenarios
– Animation of graphic specs
– Verification of compliance of display specifications with design principles and rules for naming elements
– Automatic check and correction of names and graphics
– Reports on warnings and errors detected during the scan (in text or CSV format)
– Development of test scenarios and visualization of expected results
– Automatic comparison of actual and expected results based on images
– Integration with Ansys Twin Builder via FMI for multiphysics simulation
Key features of Ansys SCADE LifeCycle:
– Comprehensive analysis of traceability requirements
– Traceability of test scenarios
– Bi-directional navigation through requirements and tests
– Compliance with DO-178B, DO-178C, EN 50128, IEC 61508, ISO 26262 and IEC 60880 standards
– Integration with other software lifecycle management tools
– Generation of project documentation and reports in RTF or HTML formats
– Configuring the content and parameters of displaying reports
– Customize common report templates based on the TCL scripting language
– Support for SCCI standard
– Data storage in ASCII format
Ansys SCADE Suite
An environment for model-based development of control algorithms and system logic, verification and integration of systems and software, as well as certified code generation.
Key features of Ansys SCADE Suite:
– Graphical presentation of decision diagrams
– Ability to compare different versions of projects, models, operators or state machines with graphical indication of differences and reporting
– Advanced libraries of integrators, hysteresis, quantizers, filters, triggers, truth tables, lookup tables, matrix operators and other components
– Import of previously developed program code
– Read / write access to project and model files via Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) or Tcl API
– Test Scenario Development Wizard
– Bidirectional synchronization between system architecture models and software design models
– Analysis of Worst Program Execution Time (WCET) and Used Stack Size
– Optimization of program execution time and / or stack size
– Code performance analysis
– Automatic generation of detailed reports
– Customize and automate modeling using the Tcl scripting language
– Automatic execution of test scripts
– Joint simulation in Simulink and MATLAB
– Export FMU models to Ansys Twin Builder
– Assessment of project compliance with safety requirements and identification of errors at an early design stage
– Automatic generation of certified code and integration into commercial software products
– Development of embedded human-machine interfaces
– Software lifecycle management in conjunction with Ansys SCADE LifeCycle
Ansys SCADE Test
A tool for developing and executing test scenarios based on software requirements, verification and validation of embedded software and human-machine interfaces, and documentation of test results.
Key features of Ansys SCADE Test:
– Designing graphic panels using the built-in library of widgets (buttons, sliders, etc.) and elements of the human-machine interface for testing the application
– Unified project structure in all SCADE products for file and resource management
– Variable dictionaries management
– Automatic creation of executable applications for Windows, Apple iOS or Android
– Integration with model-driven development environment SCADE Suite, Ansys Twin Builder and other FMI-compatible tools
– Development and launch of test scripts for control programs and graphical interfaces on the PC and on the target platform, analysis of test data and generation of test reports
– Closed loop testing with SCADE Test Services API generator
Ansys SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Compliant Systems
ARINC 661 Aviation Indicator Design and Simulation Toolkit and Templates
Key Features of Ansys SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Compliant Systems
– Library of standard ARINC 661 widgets with the possibility of correction and changes
– SCADE Suite models for describing the behavioral logic of widgets
– SCADE Display models for describing the graphical and interactive aspects of widgets
– Guides for the use, customization and adaptation for the end user of the widget library
– Computer aided design and modeling of ARINC 661 widgets
– Automatic generation of C source code from a library of widget models
– Development of custom application pages in the form of models
– Automatic generation of standard binary or XML description files
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