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Nov 222020
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Download Illustrator 2021 Essential Training videos for engineer

Link download Illustrator 2021 training dvd for designer

Learning Illustrator 2021 Essential Training

Learning Illustrator 2021 Essential Training

Download Illustrator 2021 Essential Training for engineer

Download Illustrator 2021 Essential Training for engineer

Duration: 05:27:00
Handout Type: Video Tutorial
English language

Description: Illustrator can be used to accomplish many different design tasks. For this reason, Illustrator 2021 Essential Training teaches core concepts and techniques that can be applied to any workflow for print, the web, or assets that will find their way into other applications. Instructor Tony Harmer covers the essentials of Illustrator 2021, including artboards, workspaces, layers, and shapes. Tony discusses vector graphics — paths, strokes, and fills — and shows how to use each of the drawing tools in Illustrator. He demonstrates how to combine and clean up paths, and organize them into groups and layers. Tony also covers text editing, working with color, expressive brush drawing, effects, and much more.
00 – Introduction
Welcome to Adobe Illustrator 2021 Essential Training
Installing Illustrator
01 – Quick-Start Exercise
Walk-through setup
02 – The Illustrator Environment
The Illustrator workspace
Panning and zooming
Using the Navigator panel
03 – Selection
The Selection tool
The Direct Selection tool
The Lasso tool (NO SUBS)
Automatic selections
Saving selections
04 – Shape and Line Drawing Tools
Drawing basic shapes (NO SUBS)
Drawing polygons and stars (NO SUBS)
Drawing with the Line tools (NO SUBS)
Drawing with the Grid tools
05 – Color
Color models in Illustrator
The Swatches panel
Global swatches
Spot colors
Using tints
Color groups
The Color Guide panel
06 – Strokes
Stroke attributes
Creating dashed and dotted lines
Creating arrowheads (NO SUBS)
Variable-width strokes
07 – Arranging and Ordering
Aligning objects (NO SUBS)
Distributing objects
Aligning points
Changing the stacking order
Using the drawing modes
Using layers
Targeting objects using layers
08 – Groups
Working with groups
The Group Selection tool
Using Isolation Mode
09 – Transforms
Using the specific Transform tools
Using the Free Transform tool
Using Transform Again
The Transform Each command
Transforms as an effect (NO SUBS)
10 – Drawing by Construction
Compound paths and shapes
The Pathfinder panel
The Shape Builder
Live Paint
Clipping masks
11 – Drawing Tools
The Pen tool
The Curvature Pen tool (NO SUBS)
The Pencil tool (NO SUBS)
Drawing with the Eraser tool (NO SUBS)
Improving paths (NO SUBS)
12 – Using Guides and Grids
Using grids and guides (NO SUBS)
Making guides from objects
13 – Gradients
Linear gradients
Radial gradients
Freeform gradients
Gradients on strokes
14 – Patterns
Creating a pattern
Pattern strokes
Transforming patterns
15 – Symbols
Static symbols
Dynamic symbols
16 – Blends, Blending, and Transparency
Using blends
Using blending modes
Using opacity masks
17 – Appearances
The power of appearances
The Appearance panel
Illustrator and Photoshop effects
Editing or removing effects (NO SUBS)
Graphic styles
The Brush tool
The Eyedropper tool
18 – Type
Using point type
Character options
The Touch Type tool
Paragraph options
Using Type On A Path tool
Outlining type
19 – Images in Illustrator
Placing images (NO SUBS)
Embedding images
Cropping images
20 – Pixels to Vectors
Using Image Trace (NO SUBS)
Using Photoshop with Image Trace
21 – Modifying Artwork
Recolor artwork (NO SUBS)
The Puppet Warp tool
22 – Artboards
Working with artboards
Arranging artboards
23 – Output
Packaging Illustrator files
Export as other file types
Asset Export
99 – Conclusion
Next steps
Exercise Files
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