Jun 022017

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programming with sheetCAM 5.1.12 full license forever
programming with sheetCAM 5.1.12 full license forever
Working with SheetCAM 5.1.12 full
Working with SheetCAM 5.1.12 full

Language: English
System requirements: Windows
Description: SheetCam – One of the best available CAM-packages for preparing G-codes for plasma cutting machines with numerical program control. Also the program perfectly copes with the basic CAM tasks of milling, engraving, batch drilling, laser, waterjet and gas-oxygen cutting. At a sufficiently low cost, the program completely absorbed all the necessary set of functions necessary for high-quality and professional programming of machining on CNC machines. A large number of postprocessors offered by the program extend the range of application of control programs created in SheetCam, on various machine tools.
Postprocessors. Although G-codes, in general, are standardized, some machines “speak” in different dialects of the G-code language. To cope with this problem in SheetCam and used by postprocessors. These are small programs that are run at the stage of generating the output file and create codes for a specific machine control system. Also, SheetCam allows users to edit and create their own postprocessors. Unlike most CAM packages, the format of the SheetCam postprocessors is open and documented.
Plasma, laser, hydroabrasive and gas-oxygen cutting. For machines with full Z-axis control, users can program such jet cutting options as the burn height and cutting depth. This, for example, is widely used on machines controlled by the Mach3 program. In SheetCam processing settings the width of the slot is adjusted, the time for heating with oxygen-cutting is set, the delay for burning is set. Automatic determination of the cutting order ensures that internal contours will be cut earlier than external ones. The possibility of an inclined entrance to the material is realized. Instead of plunging directly into the workpiece, the torch torch can “crawl” along an inclined (remaining, of course, vertical), thereby reducing the amount of material thrown back into the torch. This reduces the contamination of the nozzles (and, accordingly, improves the quality of the cut) and prolongs their service life.
Optimization of cutting. SheetCam automatically finds holes and windows in the work area of ​​the workpiece, assigns the optimal cutting direction and the length of the tool input and output path. To prevent rounding at the outer corners of the cut trajectory, it is possible to bypass these corners. “Loop”, which allows you to get an unrounded angle tool of any diameter. It is possible to manually set the priority of processing different contours.
Cutting on the contour. Cutting with the displacement inside the contour, outwards of the contour and without displacement. Multipass milling. Input on an inclined, for tools without cutting edges on the bottom surface. Finishing finishing for roughing tools. Selection of input methods (tool input) and output (tool retraction). Counter and passing milling. Sampling pockets (wells, grooves). Autodetect islands. Multipass sampling processing. Customizable processing step.
Drilling. Drilling in circles or points specified in the DXF file. Drilling with a periodic output tool with adjustable output and processing parameters.
Layout, cut. Processing of one or several identical or different parts on one workpiece. Optimization of the arrangement of parts on the working plane allows the most efficient use of the material and reduces the amount of material that goes into waste. Convenient function of creating arrays of identical parts with an economical placement on the workpiece.
SheetCam and SheetCam TNG. SheetCam Standard is a standard stable version of the program, appreciated by a large number of users around the world. Currently, the work on this version is completed. The new development of the author is SheetCam TNG. This version is updated regularly, updated with new features and functions.
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