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Apr 302017
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PowerMILL 2011 SP11
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Delcam PowerMILL 2011 SP11
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Description: PowerMILL is an independent CAM-system, which allows you to quickly create the trajectories of UE without sloughing on the metal models, using 2.5D processing, 3-axis processing or multi-axis simultaneous processing. Then these trajectories can be checked for collisions with other models (for example, clamps) and a cartridge, before outputting the trajectory to the tap-files.
PowerMILL has a wide range of possibilities for reading CAD files. It supports IGES, VDA and STL formats, which allows you to import data from any CAD system that supports these formats.
Using the PowerMILL simulation, you can load the entire machine in order to check the trajectories and visualize the actions of the machine and tool from different points of view.
Enhancements for Curve Editor
Several improvements have been made to the Curve Editor toolbar:
• Now you can create an arc that is tangent to existing lines and arcs, as well as an arc at given points, using the Arc button on 3 elements.
• You can now change the fillets in two ways.
• Now you can create a line that is tangent to the curve.
• This also applies to templates and borders.
Transformation of a trajectory and a skeleton
Transformation of the trajectory is now much easier, in addition, you can apply several transformations simultaneously.
• The new toolbar contains options for offset, reflection, rotation or template transformation, and the preview image allows you to immediately view the necessary transformations.
• A similar function was added in the curve editor for templates and borders.
Trajectory \ boundary outside the workpiece
Trajectories and boundaries can now extend beyond the workpiece.
This function allows you to ensure that all parts of the path are processed.
Improvements for blanks
Several improvements have been made for the shape of the blank:
• When calculating the size of the workpiece, you can now take into account the previous surfaces.
• The workpiece or model can now be saved as DMT or STL files.
Determination of the cartridge / shank
The cartridge and shank can now be set directly from the template.
Complex tools in the assembly can now be defined easily and quickly using the PowerMILL curve editor or through imported profiles.
You can also draw a shank and a chuck when creating the tool with the cursor.
Material Model Accounting
Accounting for the material model is a great new option available in all finishing dialogs to accurately control the optimal amount of material that you want to process. Advantages of this new option: –
Prevents tool damage that may occur when processing excess material
Allows higher feed rates, as excessive tool contact is avoided
The processing time is shortened by removing segments of the trajectory that process a very small amount of material or do not process anything at all.
Fixed angles of the tool axis
In the Tool Axis dialog, a new option is available to lock the rotary axis of the machine to avoid unnecessary movement of the tool axis.
By reducing any unnecessary movement of the machine axis, you will see improvements in the quality of the surface finish and in the processing time.
The Fixed Angle option is available for all tool axis definitions except those that have the tool axis specified as Saving Direction or Automatic.
Feed and tap feeds
Feed / tap feeds can now be set independently of the main working feedrate.
A slower entry and exit from the material will help to increase tool life and reduce the risk of damage to the part with brittle material.
Clever choice
Similarly to the functions of drilling methods in PowerMILL, Smart Selection allows you to import data and automatically select combinations of surfaces for processing based on the color, level, or model name. This selection can be added to the set of allowances and saved in the trajectory template.
Examples of using this function:
Process yellow or red surfaces at level 15.
Ignore the “xxx” model surfaces that are not green.
Improved boundary trajectory constraint
Significant improvements have been made in how trajectories are limited by boundaries.
Trajectories are now truncated using the 3D constraint method, giving more accurate results.
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