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Mar 132018
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Download FLOW-3D CAST Advanced v4.2.1.2 x64 full license forever

Link download FLOW-3D CAST Advanced v4.2.1.2 win64 full crack

Working with FLOW-3D CAST Advanced v4.2.1.2 full license
Working with FLOW-3D CAST Advanced v4.2.1.2 full license
Simulation with FLOW-3D CAST Advanced v4.2.1.2 full crack
Simulation with FLOW-3D CAST Advanced v4.2.1.2 full crack

Description: FLOW-3D CAST program for simulation of metal casting, allowing
Basic version (Basic)
– Ability to calculate a model that includes up to five separate units
– Modeling of gravity casting, low-pressure casting and centrifugal casting
– Modeling of shape filling with the accounted viscosity, turbulence and surface tension
– Modeling of crystallization and heat transfer
– Ability to expand the database of alloys, forms, etc.
– Consideration of natural convection in the process of crystallization
– Accounting for the dependence of the material properties on temperature
– Determination of zones with porosity, shells and other casting defects
Extended version
All the features of the Base version, plus
– The possibility of calculating a model with an unlimited number of individual blocks
– Modeling of high-pressure die-casting
– Modeling of cyclic casting in chill molds
– Investment casting
– Determination of zones of possible cavitation to account for possible wear of molds
– Simulation of air traps

Advanced version (Advanced)

All the features of the Basic and Extended versions, plus

– Simulation of bucket filling with six degrees of freedom
– Simulation of continuous casting
– Simulation of gas evolution and associated effects
– Heat transfer with viscosity
– Improved viscosity algorithm in non-Newtonian fluids
– Modeling of drying forms and stitches from moisture
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