May 142017

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ProgeCAD Professional v11
ProgeCAD Professional v11
Design with ProgeCAD Professional v11 full license
Design with ProgeCAD Professional v11 full license

: ProgeCAD 2011 is a powerful and reliable CAD system with basic DWG and DXF formats. In addition to all the functionality of the basic CAD, this program offers additional features such as full image management including polygonal cropping and printing, improved visualization, 3D modeling (ACIS), import of bitmaps, block management with more than 10,000 blocks already proposed, support for CTB and STB File printing and many others. This program is the next step IntelliCAD and is able to easily replace AutoCad and AutoCAD LT! The product is an ideal tool for almost anyone who creates and uses CAD drawings, including students, educators, architects, designers, drafters and engineers.
In addition to the standard features available in AutoCAD LT, progeCAD users acquire a number of noteworthy functions belonging exclusively to this program, which are aimed at optimizing the work. Among the exclusive features of this program, users will be able to evaluate the ability to use VB, VBA, C ++ and Lisp programming tools, print in PDF and JPG, convert PDF to DWG, Acis Solids – solid modeling (visualization and editing), ALE module for inserting graphic symbols into Drawings, numbering more than 10.000 electrical, engineering and interior blocks, O2C exports and not only.
The DWG format, being the original format of the progeCAD program, provides incomparable compatibility with AutoCAD. There is no need to convert files. ProgeCAD allows you to export drawing files to any previous versions of AutoCAD, from version 2.5 up to the version of AutoCad 2012 in both DWG and DXF formats. Since the drawings are initially created in the DWG format, the use of these files in the AutoCAD takes place without loss of necessary information. Anyone familiar with AutoCAD can immediately start working with the progeCAD program without any preliminary training courses and trainings. The program also provides a number of its exclusive tools to increase productivity when creating a project.
»Full compatibility with AutoCAD format
»Print in PDF and JPG formats
»Built-in printing interface
»Integrated control window printing in the style of Autocad
»Convert PDF files to DXF / DWG
»Improved” Layers “tool
»Print 3D projects with hidden lines
»Masking an object
»Image georeferencing
»Support ECW
»Support for Jpeg 2000
»Importing and exporting DWF files
»Export of 3D models to o2c format
»Pan and zoom in real time
»Controlling the thickness of lines for visualization and printing (STB and CTB)
»Module” External link manager ”
»Polar tracking (Binding in the polar coordinate system)
“Object Tracking (Etrack)
»Editing links (Refedit)
»Electronic transmission
»Multi-document interface
»Photorealistic 3D rendering
»Solid modeling of ACIS
»Managing blocks and symbol libraries
»Support for editing and marking systems
»Possibility of programming (AutoLISP, SDS, VBA)
»Download external VBA files
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