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May 172017
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Design with AlphaCAM 2010 R1 full
Design with AlphaCAM 2010 R1 full
Program with AlphaCAM 2010 R1 full license
Program with AlphaCAM 2010 R1 full license

Description: Alphacam is one of the leading CAD / CAM software solution for the woodworking industry. Alphacam is used in the production of almost all types of components, ranging from conventional crushed stakes to difficult, 5-axis furniture components. Particular attention for the development of Alphacam is the provision of our customers with performance, reliability and flexibility. Improving these attributes in any company will help increase profitability.
Extras. Information: What’s new in 2010 R1
Updated user interface
Various interface improvements provide the most modern and familiar appearance and greater control over the work criteria.
• All the latest masterfully designed small and great sized icons
• Choosing the theme color
• Advanced configuration panel
• User-defined keys
3D Contour Z rough
Integration of Planit 3D Motor processing. Almost all the latest and improved ways of processing and characteristics, including:
• The newest method for processing spiral
• A new feature of automatic closing of open Contour pocket pockets is a clogging method
• The newest abilities to indicate Climb or the ordinary way of cutting
• Significantly improved line-of-motion communication device methods
• A new feature to prevent overturning on the sides of open pockets
• The newest high-speed cornering option
• The newest trochoidal version for full width moves
• More …
Normal 2? D Clear engraving
True “build-up” of internal corners with the help of wedge devices. Model-wise suitable for art type, also modeling raised paneled doors.
Devaysy to the main
Processing Styles functionality has been added for all major modules.
Processing A style is a set of operations
, Which were saved for later use. Implementing processing styles significantly increases productivity by reducing the time to create a path device.
Full 3D engraving was added to the main mill-router and modules.
Previously, these modules were limited to the method of processing geometry. Full 3D engraving adds Building reversing techniques, the newest 2.5D Ordinary Clear method, like support for partial processing.
APS Swift Geometry and Edit / Geometry list added all the main modules.
APS Swift Geometry is a unique development of the creation of geometry for the creation of permanent geometric profiles, where each element in the profile is automatically connected tangentially.
Other functions also migrated from the conventional to the Essential (Mill, Router, Stone) to give the most extensive functionality to the product of the original level.
• All special geometry commands
• Spline creation and editing
• Acceleration / deceleration time around corners
3D mouse support
Alphacam R1 2010 now supports 3Dconnexion’s 3D mice. These devices provide the user with the most demanding control and intuitive navigation when working in a 3D environment. To obtain additional information on these devices, please visit
Raster images in vector Add-In
• Vastly Improved Raster images in vector add-ins include the newest engine, providing the most weighty results.
• The result of the geometry can now be made to make splines for a clear function of the curves.
• In addition to the external images, now can vectorize images integrated into the active Alphacam sketch
• A full set of custom personalized vectorization features provides the user with even more complete control over the final result, and can be saved as reusable configurations
General improvements
• The stone currently contains the module Bake Drilling functionality
• Profiled Side Processing functionality is now available at the level of Conventional modules (previously only Advanced or above)
• Application compensation for quick approximation / remove functions are now available with the help of the Machine Hole command (Advanced level or higher)
• Added support for importing binary DXF files
• More …
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